Aerospatiale: SA341 Gazelle

Experience the agile and reliable Aerospatiale SA341 Gazelle, a classic choice for private flights. Its unique flying capabilities and versatile design provide an unmatched flying experience for both enthusiasts and professionals.



Type of operation:




Aerospatiale SA341 Gazelle Specifications

The Aerospatiale SA341 Gazelle is a classic and versatile light helicopter with a rich history. It typically accommodates up to four passengers and is known for its agility and reliability. With its streamlined design and responsive controls, the Gazelle excels in roles such as reconnaissance, observation, and light transport.

The SA341 Gazelle's agility makes it a valuable asset in various missions. In law enforcement, it proves to be an excellent platform for aerial surveillance and patrolling. For scenic tours and aerial photography, the Gazelle's ability to hover and maneuver with precision ensures breathtaking views and stunning shots. Whether it's for sightseeing or critical operations, this helicopter showcases its versatility.

Aircraft Manufacturer
Current TC Holder
Airbus Helicopters
361 km
Landing gear:
Cruise Speed
264 km/h
Baggage Capacity
0.1 cbm
01x turbine
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