Robinson: R-44

Robinson R-44, renowned for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, is a popular choice for training, private, and commercial flights. Discover its efficiency and comfort in the sky.



Type of operation:




Robinson R-44 Specifications

The Robinson R-44 is a lightweight and cost-effective single-engine helicopter renowned for its versatility and reliability. It typically accommodates up to four passengers and is celebrated for its agility and ease of maintenance. With its affordability and compact size, the R-44 is ideal for missions such as training, aerial surveys, and private transportation.

The R-44's affordability and versatility make it a valuable asset in various applications. In the training sector, it serves as an excellent platform for aspiring pilots to learn the ropes of helicopter flying. For aerial surveys and photography, its nimble performance allows capturing detailed imagery from above. Moreover, in private transportation, the R-44 offers a convenient and cost-effective mode of travel for individuals and small groups. Whether it's for flight training, aerial work, or private journeys, this helicopter provides an efficient solution.

Aircraft Manufacturer
Current TC Holder
Robinson Helicopter Company
550 km
Landing gear:
Cruise Speed
202 km/h
Baggage Capacity
0.1 cbm
01x piston
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