MD Helicopters: MD500

MD Helicopters MD500 stands out for its agility and compact design. Perfect for private, law enforcement, and utility missions, it's a versatile and reliable choice for various applications.



Type of operation:




MD Helicopters MD500 Specifications

The MD Helicopters MD500 is a compact and versatile single-engine helicopter known for its agility and reliability. It typically accommodates up to four passengers and is celebrated for its maneuverability and ease of operation. With its compact size and nimble performance, the MD500 is ideal for missions such as aerial filming, law enforcement, and utility operations.

The MD500's compact design makes it a valuable asset in various applications. In the field of aerial filming and photography, its maneuverability allows capturing breathtaking shots from unique angles. For law enforcement agencies, its speed and agility are crucial for tasks like surveillance and pursuit. Additionally, in utility operations, the MD500's compact size and lifting capabilities are indispensable for tasks like construction and power line inspections. Whether it's for capturing stunning visuals, law enforcement duties, or specialized tasks, this helicopter offers exceptional performance.

Aircraft Manufacturer
MD Helicopters
Current TC Holder
MD Helicopters Inc.
518 km
Landing gear:
Cruise Speed
249 km/h
Baggage Capacity
0.3 cbm
01x turbine
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