MD Helicopters: MD900

MD Helicopters MD900 excels in versatility and safety, making it a preferred choice for executive transport and emergency services. It offers an unparalleled flying experience for discerning travelers.



Type of operation:




MD Helicopters MD900 Specifications

The MD Helicopters MD900, also known as the MD Explorer, is a twin-engine helicopter known for its versatility and advanced design. It typically accommodates up to eight passengers and is celebrated for its spacious cabin and advanced avionics. With its twin-engine reliability and impressive range, the MD900 excels in various missions, including emergency medical services, corporate transport, and law enforcement.

The MD900's adaptability makes it a preferred choice for a wide range of applications. In the field of air ambulance, it plays a critical role in saving lives, thanks to its medical equipment and all-weather capabilities. For corporate travel, it offers an unparalleled blend of speed and comfort, elevating executive transport to new heights. Additionally, in law enforcement missions, its advanced technology and agility are crucial for tasks like surveillance and search and rescue operations. Whether it's for medical emergencies, corporate journeys, or law enforcement duties, this helicopter delivers exceptional performance.

Aircraft Manufacturer
MD Helicopters
Current TC Holder
MD Helicopters Inc.
543 km
Landing gear:
Cruise Speed
248 km/h
Baggage Capacity
1.35 cbm
02x turbine
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