MBB: BK-117

The MBB BK-117 is a versatile twin-engine helicopter offering a perfect blend of performance and comfort. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various private and commercial applications.



Type of operation:




MBB BK-117 Specifications

The MBB BK-117, also known as the EC145, represents the pinnacle of medium-sized twin-engine helicopters. It typically accommodates up to nine passengers and is acclaimed for its spacious cabin and advanced avionics. With its twin-engine reliability and versatile design, the BK-117 excels in various missions, including emergency medical services, corporate transport, and utility operations.

The BK-117's versatility makes it a go-to aircraft for a wide range of missions. In the medical field, it serves as a lifeline, facilitating rapid patient transport with its spacious cabin and advanced medical equipment. For corporate travel, it elevates executive transport with its luxurious interior and smooth ride. Additionally, in utility operations, its lifting capabilities and endurance are indispensable for tasks like aerial construction and maintenance. Whether it's for medical emergencies, corporate journeys, or heavy lifting, this helicopter delivers exceptional performance.

Aircraft Manufacturer
Current TC Holder
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH
541 km
Landing gear:
Cruise Speed
250 km/h
Baggage Capacity
1.3 cbm
02x turbine
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