Fliteline plans for the World Cup

22 June 2012

Fliteline plans for the World Cup

Ever since the World Cup 2014 draw was made, we have been planning flight options into Brazil. Given the size of the country and the spread of games within groups, private charter flights between games may be the most efficient and most comfortable way of getting between group games.

Joop Plaisier, Managing Director of Fliteline, explains that it’s the knockout stages that need the most planning for air charter companies: “Many people attend the early stages using scheduled flights. They know when and where their teams are playing. But when it gets to the knockout stages there is always a frenetic scramble for dedicated fans, corporates and sponsors to get to big games with very little notice.”

For Fliteline this means holding options on long range large private jets and airliners so that clients are not disappointed.

Joop explains: “Europe to Brazil is a long haul flight, so we need long range jets to make it in a single leg. We are often accommodating large groups – official national supporters clubs or large corporate trips – so we retain the option on passenger airliners as well as smaller VIP and private jets.”

The World Cup opens on Thursday 12 July with Brazil vs. Croatia, with Spain, Netherlands, England, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and Russia all in action by Monday 16 June.

The knockout stages begin with the first round of 16 games on 28 June. The quarter finals begin on 4 July, the semi-finals are on 8 and 9 July with the final on Sunday 13 July.

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