Private Charter Flights for Sports Teams

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December 20, 2023

When it comes to sports teams, meticulous travel planning is an integral part of the game plan. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look into how private charter flights cater to these unique requirements, ensuring that teams arrive at their destination ready for action.

1. The Discreet Service Advantage

Seamless Airport Experience

With the privacy and discretion often sought by sports teams, private charter flights can facilitate a seamless, hassle-free airport experience. Rather than navigating busy public terminals, teams can benefit from exclusive access to private terminals or fixed-based operators.

Personalised Assistance

In addition, the presence of a dedicated representative from the charter company at the airport can be arranged. Their role encompasses assistance with check-in, security procedures and any last-minute requests, ensuring a smooth transition from ground to air.

2. Customised Onboard Catering

Meeting Dietary Guidelines

Once the flight has been secured, the charter company can work hand-in-hand with the team's nutritionist to map out specific catering requirements. The aim is to provide meals and snacks that align with the team's dietary guidelines, ensuring player's nutrition is not compromised during travel.

Accommodating Special Dietary Needs

In addition to meeting general dietary guidelines, special dietary needs such as gluten-free or dairy-free options can be catered for. The catering team can also accommodate different levels of catering for team management and VIPs who may travel with the team.

3. Showcasing Team Colours and Logo

Branding Opportunities

Charter companies can offer a plethora of branding opportunities to teams during travel. From branded water bottles and headrest covers to neck pillows on board, teams can visually imprint their identity throughout the journey.

Pre-Travel Branding

Not limited to onboard branding, teams can also benefit from pre-travel branding opportunities. This can include an in-flight lounge decked out with branded televisions and catering. For a more dramatic effect, teams can even brand the exterior of the aircraft with their logo or badge.

4. Contingency Planning for Delays

Minimising Risk

While it's impossible to completely eliminate the risk of delays, charter flights afford teams greater control over their travel schedule. The team's dedicated account manager works on minimising risks and devises contingency plans to ensure minimal disruption in case of unforeseen circumstances.

24/7 Support

The charter company's operations team monitors each flight round the clock, ready to assist with any issues that may arise. Some charter companies also offer a guarantee which provides cover in the event of a technical failure.

5. Aircraft Selection for Equipment Transportation

Tailored Aircraft Selection

One of the key considerations when booking a charter flight for a sports team is the space needed for equipment. The account manager works closely with the team to understand their requirements, including the number of team members travelling, dates, destination, and the volume of kit.

Range of Aircraft

Thanks to established relationships with suppliers, charter companies have access to a wide range of aircraft. This ensures they can offer the most suitable aircraft to comfortably accommodate both passengers and kit.

6. Ensuring Restful Long-Distance Travel

VIP Airliners for Long-Distance Travel

For teams travelling further afield, VIP airliners are increasingly popular. These aircraft feature business class seats and VIP catering, ensuring players can rest and recharge during the flight.

Expertise in Pre-Season Tours

Charter companies have extensive experience in organising worldwide pre-season tours for sports teams. Their dedicated account managers are adept at providing a hassle-free experience and managing charter flights from start to finish.

In summary, private charter flights offer sports teams a tailored and efficient solution to their travel needs. This ensures teams can focus on what matters most - delivering their best performance on the field.

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