N.G.O. air charters for humanitarian missions

N.G.O.s (non-governmental organizations) often have to act quickly, getting people and life-saving equipment to emergencies, removing people from danger or setting up regular operations to remote and risky destinations.

The stakes are always high and Fliteline is an experienced partner you can rely on. With safety being paramount, we are experts in taking care of all the essential details, from the right specification of aircraft, to finding operational airports as close to where you need to be. We have a remarkable track record in getting our NGOs on the ground first and operational where others fail.

Call us now on +31 20 4469200 for organise your charter, anywhere in the world.

Fliteline In Action

Fliteline helped numerous NGOs to negotiate the considerable logistical challenges following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, helping to get essential food aid, emergency supplies and expert teams on the ground in Port-au-Prince when many others were stranded in neighbouring Dominican Republic.

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