Ethical Policy

As an international corporation operating swiftly in a worldwide industry, adhering to an ethical policy is fundamental to maintaining the trust that is central to all our activities.

Fair, Transparent Business Ethics

Our good name enables us to get aircraft for emergency response flights at competitive rates when demand is spiralling. To provide crew for sports charters at short notice. To purchase fuel on credit in the middle of the night in a central African country to get a diverted airliner back in the air.

As part of the Rethmann Group®, we operate to the very highest business standards which includes being committed to:

  • Fair competition
  • Absolute integrity in our business dealings
  • Separating private and business dealings at all times
  • Fully cooperating with authorities

Our Commitment To Our Customers

Whether you are an individual chartering a single aircraft or an organisation running regular commercial flights, you can be sure that our dealings with you will be fair, transparent and ethical and we will take great pride in providing you with the best possible service at all times.