The Airbus A330-800neo represents the forefront of modern aviation technology, offering passengers an efficient flight experience enhanced by advanced passenger amenities. Enjoy a journey that combines innovation with comfort.




02x turbofan


11000 km

A330-800neo Specifications

The A330-800neo, part of Airbus's innovative family of aircraft, combines advanced technology with exceptional efficiency. This aircraft model is designed to meet the demands of modern air travel while minimizing environmental impact. Airlines appreciate its range and eco-friendly features, making it a sustainable choice for long-haul journeys.

One of the A330-800neo's standout features is its advanced fuel-efficient engines. This aircraft offers airlines excellent range capabilities, enabling them to serve a wide range of destinations. Its commitment to reducing emissions and providing passenger comfort positions it as a responsible choice in the aviation industry.

Aircraft Manufacturer
Current TC Holder
Airbus S.A.S.
Cruise Speed:
880 km/h
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