Special Missions

Aircraft charter for special missions

Natural disasters, political unrest or personal emergencies, Fliteline is an expert in aircraft charter for special missions, getting appropriate aircraft in the air and into target destinations fast.

Special Missions

Fliteline often works with NGO’s to support front line emergency response, providing charter air transport to airlift aid in, or to bring people out. We are experienced in navigating the chaotic air traffic arrangements that often follow disasters, getting our clients on the ground when others fail.

Our charter air transport includes fully equipped and professionally staffed medical evacuation and repatriation aircraft and our special mission capability also extends to fire bombers, survey aircraft, bulk fuel deliveries and other activities requiring specially adapted aircraft.

Typically our special missions capability includes:

  • Emergency response
  • Ongoing humanitarian aid
  • Air ambulance, evacuation and repatriation
  • Specialist aircraft for anything from crop spraying to fire fighting
  • Missions in hostile or dangerous territories

Supporting your special mission air charter

Given the specialist nature of these aircraft charters, the best place to start is with a conversation about your precise needs. Contact our experts today and we will quickly help you to understand the available options, costs and timescales.

Plan your special mission aircraft charter

Fliteline In Action

When only half of relief agency’s supplies arrived in time for an emergency response charter, we procured supplies locally so that the aircraft could leave on time with maximum payload.

Fliteline in action
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