Citation Excel

Citation Excel, known for its spacious cabin, is ideal for business travel. This mid-size jet by Cessna combines comfort with performance, making it a top choice in its class.





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Citation Excel Specifications

Citation Excel is known for its spacious cabin, ideal for business travel, combining comfort with performance in the mid-size jet class.

The Citation Excel is a midsize business jet renowned for its exceptional range and versatility. It's frequently used for both short hops and transcontinental journeys, accommodating executives and their teams in style. With a luxurious cabin and impressive speed, it's a top pick for corporate travel.

Aircraft Manufacturer
Cessna Aircraft Company
Current TC Holder
Textron Aviation Inc.
Baggage Capacity
2.00 cubic meters / 71 cubic feet
Enclosed Lavatory
Basic cold catering
Cruise Speed
430 knots (495 mph or 796 km/h)
1,840 nautical miles (3,407 km)
2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545A turbofan engines
Reach New Heights
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